Cloud platform engineer

    Participate in the deployment of medical imaging analysis cloud platform environment to solve the technical problems encountered in the deployment and implementation process, including components such as computing, storage, networking and interactive interfaces. 
     1. Computer-related major, with cloud platform to build, develop and test experience; 
    2. Have a solid technical foundation, familiar with the Linux operating system and Linux environment programming; 
    3. Participate in cloud computing project development and operation and maintenance experience, Have large-scale implementation experience is preferred; 
    4. Cloud platform, distributed systems, WebServer and other related development experience is preferred; 
    5. Postgraduate and above qualifications; 1-3 years of relevant work experience.

    Deep Learning Algorithm Engineer – Internships

    Job Responsibilities: 
    Participate in the research and development of medical image automatic analysis algorithms, and encourage the publication of high quality medical image processing papers. 
    1. More than 3 working days per week, working for more than 3 months;
    2. Computer related major, proficient or familiar with deep learning related algorithms; 
    3. Strong programming skills, proficient in deep learning platform Caffe, Theano, PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc .; 
    4. Familiar with computer vision, image processing, deep learning algorithms; 
    5. Top medical image processing / computer vision / machine learning international conference journal paper is preferred; 
    6. 985/211 University Master / Ph.D. candidate is prioritized.

    Medical image software engineer

    1. Responsible for software development related to medical images; 
    2. Design, development and implementation of medical imaging system; 
    3. Development and optimization of system interface and interaction design, improvement of system front-end performance, improvement of user experience and support Product development and publishing. 
    1. Computer-related experience with UI development experience. 
    2. Proficiency in C / C ++ / Python, familiar with ITK / VTK / MITK / Qt interface development. 
    3. Experience in HIS, PACS, RIS system development is preferred. Experience in medical image visualization development is preferred; 
    4. Experience in application and development of medical imaging systems; familiar with DICOM standard and PACS system; 
    5. Bachelor degree or above; 1-3 years relevant working experience.

    Operation and Maintenance Engineer

    1. Responsible for the requirement analysis, requirement processing and demand tracking of the medical related system; 
    2. Write the documents for the medical related system business; 
    3. Responsible for the deployment, debugging and maintenance of the company's hardware and software in the medical related system; 
    4. Responsible for customer's daily training, support work. 
    Job requirements:
     1. Work seriously, meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, with good team spirit; 
    2. Familiar with Unix / Linux / Window and other operating system installation / operation / configuration / troubleshooting; 
    3. Familiar with the network environment to build / Deployment; 
    4. Hospital information system development and testing operation and maintenance experience is preferred;
    5. Familiar with C / C ++ / Python, programming ability is preferred;
    6. Bachelor degree or above; 1-3 years of relevant work experience, medical system operation and maintenance Relevant work experience 1 year and above.

    Medical Image Algorithm Engineer

    1. Responsible for research and development related to medical images, including: image preprocessing, object detection and segmentation, computer-aided diagnosis, etc.; 
    2. Research and implementation of image processing algorithms. 
    Job Requirements:
     1. Bachelor degree or above, with experience in image algorithms related research and development priorities;
    2. Familiar with the basic theory and algorithms in the field of computer vision; 
    3. Top international conference or journal papers publications; 
    4. Proficiency in C / C ++ / Python, for improving the relevant image analysis algorithms; 
    5. Good teamwork and communication skills, excellent logical thinking ability and ability to learn; 
    6. 1-3 years related work experience

    Software Integration Development Engineer

    1. Responsible for software integration, system development including license and maintenance; 
    2. Responsible for multi-platform software deployment, debugging and maintenance; 
    3. Responsible for software system security, regular inspection and maintenance. 
    Job Requirements: 
    1. Have experience in software development, understand a variety of license technology; 
    2. Understand the mainstream unix / linux, windows platform design, understand the mainstream database management, network, communication, storage technology and related platforms; 
    3. Proficiency in C / C ++ / Python, 
    4. Bachelor degree or above; 1-3 years of relevant work experience.

    Deep Learning Software Engineer

    Job Description
    1. Design of state-of-the-art deep neural networks to solve medical imaging problems 
    2. Code implementation, parallel computation and optimization 
    3. Test and evaluate algorithms on large medical datasets to prove robustness 
    4. Iterate with user feedback, and deliver production-ready code 
    5. Cooperation with team members
    1. B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. degree in Computer Science/ Electronic Engineering/ Information Engineering/ Mathematics/ Biomedical Engineering 
    2. Experience in any of these libraries such as Caffe, TensorFlow, Theano, OpenCV etc. 
    3. Familiar with algorithm development with C++ / C / Python / Matlab on Windows and Linux platform 
    4. Deep understanding of and hands-on experience in Machine Learning and Deep Learning 
    5. GPU programming (CUDA) 
    6. Experience in one or more areas will be a plus: image segmentation, semantic image segmentation, registration 
    7. Understand clinical requirements and develop technical specifications will be a plus 
    8. Deep understanding of and hands-on experience in state-of-the-art Medical Image Analysis algorithms will be a plus 
    9. Experience with PACS will be a plus 
    10. Good verbal and written communication skills in English and Chinese

Customer service


Market operation

    Marketing manager


    1. Responsible for the marketing of the company's brand, products and services;
    2. Responsible for the company social, PR, establish the media pool, maintain the relationship with the media, compose and compile the PR news release of the company and formulate and implement the PR plan;
    3. Organize promotional activities for the industry and customers, including organizing exhibitions, advertising, promotions and other activities to promote the market influence, market position and sales of the Company's products or services;
    4. Assisting in establishing the company's brand VI and managing the company's VI specifications. Design, production company promotional materials and supplies;
    5.  To assist the product sector user analysis and research to help product iteration optimization design.

    Job requirements:

    1. 3 years experience in marketing related work;
    2. Familiar with the news writing, a solid text skills, sensitive news and social hot spot insight; with media relations work experience is preferred;
    3.  Excellent planning activities
    4. Be cheerful, have good interpersonal interface, communication skills and coordination ability, cooperate with each other within the department and cooperate with the vendor to complete the project;
    5.  Proficiency in operation ppt, Excel and other office software, proficient in PS and other image processing software preferred;
    6. to accept short-term business trips and overtime;
    7. Bachelor degree or above, excellent English proficiency (smooth communication)


    Administrative Assistant


    1.  Responsible for the organization of the company's activities, document preparation and meeting minutes;
    2. Responsible for leading the schedule, including appointment arrangements, external contact and reception; 
    3. Responsible for the company to handle daily affairs, including employee reimbursement documents management, Various departments liaison, etc .;
    4. Responsible for statistics of project team members financial costs occurred;
    5. Complete the other to the other affairs of the work.


    1.  Regular college and above, more than one year relevant administrative and secretarial work experience;
    2. Serious work, strong sense of responsibility, with team spirit;
    3. Skilled application of daily office software and office equipment;
    4. With Excellent service awareness, working rules are clear, good at concluding statements, with superiors and employees to maintain a good working relationship, effective communication.